UX research portfolio

Alpha version

Learning how bicycle buyers experience the buying process

  • B2C retail
  • Interviews, observations, survey

Reducing the number of consumer questions

  • B2C retail
  • Descriptive statistical analysis, content analysis

Which information do customers need during their buying process

  • B2C retail
  • Web analytics, content analysis, thematic analysis

Usability issues during common website visits

  • Sectoral organization
  • Desk research, interviews, expert review

Testing completely rebuilt B2B enterprise software

  • B2B on-premise software
  • Interviews, desk research, expert review, automated tests

Research for setting up an organization for security governance

  • B2B SaaS
  • Desk research, co-creation, interviews

Making it easier for consumers to find what they need

  • B2C retail
  • Desk research, content analysis, card sorting, tree testing
  • Awaiting a suitable moment and budget for execution

Did we manage to improve the user experience?

  • B2C retail
  • Baseline has been measured, post-measurement will take place following case study “Making it easier for consumers to find what they need”